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Click on the above left to start the audio of this page. I use the word "we" because when you join me, it makes "we" doing the things I tell you about below. So, please join ME so that WE can make a better world!

Over the past 7 decades, we have lost the awareness of how our foods are produced, while the nutritional density has decreased tremendously. For example, today it takes 5 or 6 apples to come close to the nutrient value of just 1 apple from 1960, or even 53 ORGANIC peaches to match one from the 1950’s. We have destroyed the grasslands upon which herbivores used to thrive and now have a soil and nutrient density crisis—thus, we need to change our farming methods and that will happen through changing our spending habits. More CO2 has been released because of agricultural practices than the burning of fossil fuels. Government payments and tax rebates subsidize large agribusinesses which now produce most of the food eaten in the US. A wall of separation is built to keep consumers from knowing what is in their food and how it was grown.

When people watch movies such as ‘The Meatrix’ and clips of how animals are treated in the current food system, they are appalled. Currently we must work hard to educate ourselves, track down farmers and other food producers we can trust with producing food in truly natural ways, and then work out ways to obtain those healthier foods on a regular basis. Truly, an inconvenient process. Real Food Community makes it convenient and easier to discern how foods are grown or processed.

Hello, I’m Michael H. Taylor, the founder of Real Food Community and the Real Food Dude, (not to be confused with Michael R. Taylor, the Fake Food Dude and lawyer from Monsanto & the USDA). As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have grown increasingly concerned about the lack of nutrients in all the industrialized foods we eat. Chronic degenerative diseases are at epidemic proportions, as we slowly corrupt our bodies with nutrient LESS food substitutes in lieu of nutrient dense real food. A 1995 Rutgers study revealed that fruits and vegetables loose half of their nutrition within 1 to 4 days after harvest. Most of our so-called fresh produce is much older than a week! This and many other factors of our modern food distribution system are unacceptable for those who want to live a healthy life.

While considering the best ways for consumers to have knowledge about what is in their foods, I have dreamt about how to best access the most nutrient dense, healthy foods from the local area. I wanted to share this concept with others; thus, RealFoodCommunity.com was born. It is a self-organizing system that helps us to change our food distribution system according to how (much)we want to be healthy. Even those interested in healthy eating are continually learning what that means. For example:

1) Soaking grains, nuts and seeds eliminates anti-nutrients which contribute to nutritional deficiencies in those who eat breads, pasta, nuts and seeds,

2) We need to know what is in our food:  Is it GMO free?  Grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and other chemicals, even if it’s not certified organic? (What about) Is radiation effecting it?

3) We need to ensure that our meats are not only grass fed, but also grass finished. Just two weeks on grains will deplete nutrients built up through a lifetime of grass feeding. Pasture based systems are humane, natural environments for animals, reducing stress hormones and their deleterious effects.

4) Many of us want raw non-homogenized dairy products, from grass fed animals, that are hormone and antibiotic free.

There are powerful forces at work to manipulate and control food production and availability; what drives them is money. I dreamt of a new way to put the big money into the hands of the little guy, and not just a few little guys. It takes most all of us re-designing our food paradigms—from growing through distribution, to eating. As we create the power of large-scale purchasing with independent consumers, we provide a market for food producers so they can concentrate on creating their best product for us at a lower cost. Currently producers spend a lot of time performing various roles unrelated to their main role of producing food. This is inefficient. But frequently they don’t (even) take into account the true cost of these extra roles, such as packing product, driving it to a marketplace, delivery to a customer or store, and time spent to generate sales….

It is these inefficiencies that force most small farmers to produce our food only as a second job, supplemented by their primary “city job”. We see a way to provide enough market and income so that a small farmer can earn a good living by farming. RFC provides a dynamic, efficient and easy way to account for all the costs associated with food distribution.

RFC brings consumers and producers together in new markets by starting with making more efficient existing ones and growing them. For the parent who is concerned about feeding her children healthy local foods, Real Food Community brings to one spot a wide selection of local foods of the highest caliber. Whether consumer or producer, you can help us build the system that will allow you to shop the best of affordable local nutrient dense foods, while saving money on popular retail items from outside the local area.

RFC supports healthy people and a healthy local economy - every dollar spent locally can generate $6-10 dollars of value for the local economy, whereas every dollar spent at a grocery store chain generates less than half a dollar for the local economy. Some communities, such as Berkshire, MA, Tonnes & Brixton, England have been recognized around the world for their strong local economic models.

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, some communities were localized enough so that they didn’t (have to) suffer the dire consequences of dis-connection felt by most. We can recreate community and local economies even better!

The beauty of the RFC system is that what we are doing locally in Cincinnati is easily replicated in any other location, anywhere in the world. Many of us have been doing some of these things manually for several years. The RFC system makes it possible for any producer and consumer to be conveniently connected without the volume of phone calls, paperwork, accounting, narrow times of delivery and pick-up, and so on that currently restrict us from reaching the majority of the population with nutrient dense local foods. We are setting up a template for any community to improve its health, the health of the soil, and the health of their local economy.

  • We develop in neighborhoods to reduce the cost of delivery, increase convenience, and to create local jobs.
  • We join neighborhoods together to increase our scale and make farmers profitable and sustainable, thereby securing our local food supply.
  • The increasing scale of the Real Food Communities allows each community to secure farmers that grow the nutrient dense healthy foods we want at prices we can afford.
  • As more of us become involved, more opportunities appear for a creative person to fill a niche, making things more cost effective and to run more efficiently.
  • With strong local relationships we encourage transparency to know how our food is grown, processed, stored, and preserved so as to have the best of nutrition from it.

We are now building a team to accomplish this world-changing task! We need producers and consumers, drivers and managers, all with personal motives for making our world a better place. For those who want to work within the local food distribution system it means an income for themselves and their families. There are many roles in the RFC distribution system. People working in the RFC system create their own jobs and define how & how much they get paid. Think about it! That’s huge!

Most importantly, we need consumers of local healthy foods who want to save money and have conveniences like local delivery at convenient times. Our team is growing, and we invite your participation!

We are seeking people willing to put up the first year’s RFC start-up fee of $48 to fuel this revolution. This will pay our software developers and marketers. Thus, jobs are created immediately! Those who want to help us create this new food paradigm of local foods will get paid out of that $48. If you want to help spread the word, shoot us an email at SpreadTheWord@RealFoodCommunity.com or call Michael at 513-553-9868. Let’s make it a Wonderful World today and a get a real food revolution started now!!

Take this survey to get your discounted eggs and to voice your interest in revolutionizing our food system:  http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e9z1upv7i16tsxk8/start
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