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Saturday July 30th is our regular by-weekly time for the EFFL, Herdshare, and Locally Sourced items delivery and we need all pre-orders of chicken and Turkey in ASAP. There are many local eggs available in the local database below. The delivery will be close to 10 AM at Shirley's in Pleasant Ridge and 11 AM at Ellen's in Clifton.

If you have not yet signed up for a foodclub.org account, go here: www.foodclub.org/rfc
and I will approve your account if I know you, if I don't know you, be sure to leave your contact info, especially phone number. The $48 sign-up will be assessed later as we have more products to offer. Forward this link to others, sign up with Dwolla (see below) and to complete the survey here:  http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e9z1upv7i16tsxk8/start

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For Eat Food For Life:  https://foodclub.org/rfc_local/order_form
  to get meats, eggs, crispy nuts, sauerkraut and more...

Raw Dairy Herdshare:  https://foodclub.org/herdshares/order_form

You may go to the Herdshare database and order as much or as little as you wish if you are a herdshare owner (talk to Michael if you are not)

Locally Sourced Items:  https://foodclub.org/omt/order_form

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Order Chicken for now and for the final harvest of the year:  for fresh chicken this summer season, select the $4 deposit amount on the breed you want, to let us know how many pastured chickens you will take in late September, the last harvest of the year:

The Freedom Ranger chickens are more dark, have more yellow fat and this is more natural or heirloom. They need to be cooked with fat and at lower temps so that they don't dry out and get tough. The Cornish Cross chickens are pastured but the same or similar breed of chicken that you have bought in a store, they also need to be cooked with fat and at lower temps so they don't dry out and get tough more easily than the less nutritiously fed birds commonly available. Both of these sets of birds are about 8 weeks old at harvest and they are on fresh pasture daily for maximum grazing, and thus, nutritional potential.

Pre-Order Turkey:  Put a deposit on a pastured Turkey for this Thanksgiving (or later):

Look for the Dwolla payment button to pay your filled order, replenishing your pre-paid amount. You need to have a pre-paid balance (unless you talk to me first) so that I have enough money to pay for your items when I get them. You may use a check to prepay, but Dwolla is now free and is easier than a check, and I have info about them here http://www.realfoodcommunitycenter.com/?q=payment-make and the link for payments using them is here: https://forms.dwollalabs.com/rfc-center-order-payment  to do this, you must first go to www.Dwolla.com to set up your Dwolla account. It is basically an online bank that you fund with your bank account and they make free transfers to other Dwolla accounts for you.

The email address to help identify the proper account is Payments@RealFoodCommunity.com with Dwolla. Do not pay the couple of Michael Taylor accounts that I have with different email addresses, if you do, i will return your payment so that we can have a clean paper trail. If you get a payment returned this way, just send it to the payments@realFoodCommunity.com Dwolla account

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Growers Tools Catalog 2013-2.pdf
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Have you heard of Alpha-G? 
It is an amazing extract of rices containing some ingredients that may help you, like me, see amazing rapid healing of anything having to do with your body. It may improve your body's DNA repair enzymes--that effects everything in your earthsuit. Here is an intriguing conversation with Dr. Linda Li being interviewed by Dr. Dave Sas on his radio show... Check it out and find out how to get Alpha-G for a healthier you!  
This is a really good product for most folks.
Call or email Michael about it: 513-553-9868 or Michael@RealFoodCommunity.com

The Nutrient Doctors recommend Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharide Peptides (AGPSP) a Unique Wholefood for the cells and DNA

     Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharide Peptides come from non-GMO, non-Hybrid, specially selected grains of rice. Alpha G is a vegan, whole food supplement made with organic rice grown and processed in the U.S. The Alpha G proprietary blend is from specific blends of organic brown and white rice.

     Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharide Peptides are a combination of functional nutrients that may help to improve the brain’s carbohydrate and cellular level energy metabolism. Alpha Glycan PolySaccharide Peptides may improve digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients for better overall health. This potential increase in metabolic efficiency may enhance the body’s natural detoxification process and significantly support the immune system.

     There are different types of cell food nutrients. The best known are called Beta Glucans, or Monosaccharides, which are derived from mushrooms or Aloe. The Beta Glucans and Monosacharides help feed and energize. Monosaccharides, the inside of the outside cell receptor sites, are too large to penetrate the cell membrane. With the use of Beta Glucans and MonoSaccharides, the inside of the cell remains unchanged and untouched.

     The .002-.003 micron size of the Alpha-Glycan molecule can penetrate the cell membrane. This AGPSP whole food molecule is so small that it can penetrate the cell wall, enter the nucleus, feed the mitochondria of the cell and energize the DNA/RNA. The cell can then detoxify, and the DNA can potentially rejuvenate all of the cells in the body back to their original state of wellness.

Possible Benefits of Taking an
Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharide Peptide

  • Promotes mental energy
  • Promotes cellular glucose uptake
  • Supports neurological function
  • Supports hormonal function
  • Promotes cellular repair
  • Enhances detoxification process
  • Supports digestive function
  • Promotes energy
Here is a good 45 minute or so radio interview of Dr. Linda Li, the product formulator, on Dr. Dave Sass' radio show.

Why Eat Duck Eggs?


Duck eggs are far superior in nutritional value over chicken eggs. They have higher vitamin and mineral levels in almost every category.

Duck eggs have more omega-3 fatty acids which are thought to improve everything from brain health to healthy skin.

Duck eggs stay fresher longer due to their thicker shell. This thicker shell can make the shells a little harder to crack.

Duck eggs are an alkaline producing food. Your body will be more alkaline which is a great benefit to cancer patients since cancer cells don’t thrive in alkaline environments. Chicken eggs are an acid producing food.

Most people allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs without allergic reactions

(check with your doctor first if you are severely allergic to eggs in general).

The taste of duck eggs is virtually indistinguishable, and they are richer than chicken eggs. Some say they are tastier than chicken eggs!

Many people prefer duck eggs for baking and cooking etc… the extra protein, and fat creates additional loft in cakes, making pastries and cakes fluffier and richer.

Everything that you can do with a chicken egg, you can do with a duck egg: poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, baked - even ice cream.

Do not overcook them as they can become slightly rubbery in texture. ( www.localharvest.org)

Why Free Range Over Conventional Factory Farm Eggs?

At least two studies have found that free- range eggs are significantly higher in omega-3 fatty acids than eggs from birds raised in confinement.


Theyolks in free ranged,pasturedanimalsare a darkeryellowindicatinga higher nutrientdensitythatis higher vitaminandminerallevelsin additionto the Omega-3. (www.localharvest.org)


Compare to Chicken Eggs

3 x more iron
2x the potassium and vitamin A
5-7x more vitamin B-12
2x the monounsaturated fats which lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase the HDL ( good cholesterol)
Higher in omega -3 fatty acids which is thought to improve everything from brain function to healthy skin
Duck eggs are alkaline producing as opposed to the acidic chicken egg. Most cancers thrive in an acidic environment
More nutrient dense, higher in vitamins and minerals in almost every category, that is protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium (low levels of which have been associated with increased risk of cancer), thiamin, niacin, folate, retinol, and vitamin B-6.
Many people allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs
Excellent for baking! Chefs love to use them!!!
However anything you can do with a chicken egg you can do with a duck egg
Longer shelf life due to the thicker shell
Richer tasting!!

Get your quality garden tools to last a lifetime or more:   Get the catalog here!

Dear Friends,

Growers Tools was started based on the belief that growers and landscapers need the best tools available to produce an economical and fruitful harvest or landscape design. Over our years of being involved with the growing community, we have encountered numerous individuals who have been frustrated by the low quality and poor design of the tools commonly available on the market. Broken heads, cracked steel, dull blades, and poor design are only some of the concerns that make doing work by hand seem so challenging.

We took it upon ourselves to find high quality tools that would not break, crack, or make the job seem so difficult it was not worth the effort. We found that in Europe, hand tool farming is still a vibrant and important part of their agricultural economies. As a result, several companies still produce very high quality tools based on knowledge, tradition, and craftsmanship that have been developed over hundreds of years. These tools are made to be passed down from generation to generation, just like grandpa’s hand tools once were.

Our goal is to provide you with the best hand tools for all your growing needs. While the sticker price on these tools is larger than the tools you will find at a large department or home improve- ment store, you will find that the quality, design, and construction of our tools will save you time and energy that will be well worth your investment.You will be able to pass these tools down from generation to generation.

Currently we source our tools from a company called Falci. Hand forged in the hills of Italy, Falci tools are known for being the finest professional quality garden tools on the market. Falci tools are char- acterized by the use of first-class raw materials, a 400 year old tradition of artisanal craftsmanship, and diverse agricultural niches based on a broad and deep knowledge of consumer needs.

These tools are also easily re-sharpened and re-handled. Should the need arise we will sharpen and re-handle any tool for the lifetime of the tool, but it might take a while!

Happy Growing! Sincerely, Leonid Stosman and Varun Paranjpe

 Get the catalogue here!

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